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Design, build and deploy Web3 based DeFi
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Who are we?

We are a decentralized team spread around Europe that have been in the Blockchain space since 2018. As a main public representative (P-Rep) for the ICON blockchain, Protokol7 has contributed to the development of the Omm protocol (omm.finance), Bridge (bridgepay.money), Karma Finance(karmafinance.org) and Convexus (convexus.net).

Our mission is to provide solutions to the decentralised finance (DeFi) space to improve adoption, scalability and accessibility. Our decision to build on the ICON network is based on ICON’s vision to become an aggregator chain, achieving interoperability between interconnected blockchain networks. We believe that interconnectivity will ultimately create the most value over the long term and allow decentralized finance to thrive sustainably for all it’s users and communities.

What do we do?

We design, build and deploy Web3 based DeFi products.


Our projects

OMM Finance

We are an early and active contributor to the Open Money Market DeFi protocol running on ICON. Omm website link: https://omm.finance/.

Karma Finance

We are developing Karma Finance which will enable DeFi protocols to acquire their own liquidity. Karma Finance website link: https://www.karmafinance.org/.


We are an early contributor of the Convexus automated market maker providing concentrated liquidity on the ICON blockchain. Convexus website link: https://convexus.net/.

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