Predicted start: August 2022

Researching integration

Researching integration of the ICE and SNOW blockchains for Karma Finance and Convexus.

Predicted start: August 2022

BTP research

Researching BTP integrations for Karma Finance and Convexus.

Predicted start: June 2022 - ONGOING

Code Metal

Developing front end features for Code Metal.

Started: June 2022 - ONGOING

Karma Finance

Design phase of the Karma Finance protocol.

Started: February 2022 - ONGOING

Convexus protocol 

Building and designing the Convexus protocol.

Started: December 2021 - ONGOING

Karma Bond

Building and designing the Karma Bond component of Karma Finance.

Started: October 2021 - ONGOING

ICON network

Public Representative node securing and validating transactions on the ICON blockchain.

Started: December 2020 - ONGOING

OMM finance

Developing new front end features for OMM Finance.

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