Karma Bond 2.0 | Q2 2023 - planning

Permissionless & fully decentralized framework enabling seamless deployment of bonds by protocols or individuals, positioning Karma early contributors to being advisors and not actors.

Karma Finance | November 2022 - ongoing

Design phase of Karma Finance protocol.

Code Metal | June 2022 - ongoing

Developing frontend for Code Metal.

Convexus protocol | February 2022 - ongoing

Building and designing Convexus protocol.

Karma Bond | December 2021 - ongoing

Building and designing the Karma Bond component of Karma Finance.

ICON Network | October 2021 - ongoing

Public Representative node securing and validating transactions on the ICON blockchain.

OMM Finance | December 2020 - ongoing

Developing frontend for OMM Finance.

Projects featured as “ongoing” are continuous, and if you want to keep up with our work in greater detail, follow us on Twitter @protokol7 com.